Can I enroll for a course and start later ?2022-11-25T09:10:55+02:00

Yes, you can purchase the course now and schedule the start date anytime over the next 6 months.

I will need to pause the lab for a few days, is that possible?2022-03-09T15:23:48+02:00

At this moment, pausing the lab is not possible. The lab is deployed on the scheduled starting day and elapses after 30 or 60 days depending on the access time purchased.

Can I ask for extend my lab access?2022-02-06T17:29:52+02:00

Yes we can extend your lab access for a fee. Ask one of the CloudBreach administrators.

Am I allowed to ask for hints?2022-02-06T17:29:18+02:00

Yes, we have a dedicated Discord channel for all students to interact and ask questions. Technical support will also provided from one of our admins or moderators.

Can I refund the remaining lab time?2022-02-06T17:28:52+02:00

Unfortunately not, after the lab has been started refunds are not accepted.

I am not sure what level of expertise is required?2022-02-06T17:28:19+02:00

If you have more than 1 year experience on Microsoft Azure infrastructure then you should be able to complete the challenges. The lab questions provide hints to the players for which attack vector to use. Nevertheless, at least one CloudBreach administrator will be available to guide you in case you struggle. The goal of these training course is to provide a realistic cloud environment for students to exploit and learn.

Do I need to install any kind of software?2022-02-06T17:28:06+02:00

To start the CloudBreach labs you do not need to install any kind of software apart from a standard web browser. The training grounds are fully hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud.  Remote access will be given through a browser.

Can I self-register to the CloudBrach Labs?2022-02-06T17:27:52+02:00

No, login details for the Labs and the CloudBreach platform will be given 48 hours after the purchase is completed.

What is CloudBreach?2022-02-06T17:27:28+02:00

CloudBreach is a start-up dedicated to cyber security research and training with a focus on cloud security. The team consists of three IT security professionals with extensive experience in the offensive security field. Based on real-life attack scenarios CloudBreach is developing a low-cost training platform that simulates the infrastructure of a corporation running on Microsoft Azure cloud services and provides a ground for the users to test and grow the knowledge in the area of cloud security.

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