What is the OAWSP exam format?

The exam is practical and based on the material taught during the Breaching AWS course. The candidate is given access to a cloud environment for 24 hours. Upon solving the challenge and capturing the exam flag, you will then have another 24 hours to submit a brief report. By passing the exam candidates are awarded the OAWSP digital badge.

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Does the Breaching AWS course include videos?

No currently the Breaching AWS course consists of written material and access to the CloudBreach labs. Although there are no recorded videos, it should be noted that training material is thorough and clear enough for anyone to follow. The training material includes many screenshots showing the command, output of each command along with explanation and additional resources for the student to read.

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Can I refund the remaining lab time?

Unfortunately not. We do not offer refunds for any digital training courses purchased on our website. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to review the course description, objectives, and any available previews to ensure the course meets your learning needs and expectations. Read the refund policy at cloudbreach.io/refund-policy

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