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BA Lab 01 – Solution

MicroBurst is a great tool that automates the reconnaissance process. Using a PowerShell terminal import MicroBurst and run it against the SolarDrops cloud infrastructure as shown below: 

Import-Module .\BreachingAzureTools\MicroBurst-master\MicroBurst.psm1
Invoke-EnumerateAzureSubDomains -Base SolarDrops -Verbose


Subdomain                                 Service
---------                                 -------     App Services      App Services  App Services - Management App Services - Management    Email                Microsoft Hosted Domain                 SharePoint              SharePoint   Storage Accounts - Blobs   Storage Accounts - Files  Storage Accounts - Queues  Storage Accounts - Tables

Based on the above output, we managed to retrieve a number of useful services such as, App Services including the Management (SCM), Storage, Sharepoint and Email Endpoints.

By visiting “” we can observe a device validation message: is the SolarDrops business website.

And If we try to visit App Service Management  (SCM) –, It redirects us to authenticate using Entra ID credentials.

Source Control Manager (SCM)

The “scm” in App Service refers to the Source Control Manager, which is a web interface and service associated with Azure App Service deployments. The Source Control Manager, commonly known as Kudu, provides a centralized platform for managing application deployments, integration with version control systems, and diagnostic tools. It allows developers to deploy and manage their applications directly from source control repositories such as Git or Azure Repos. Kudu offers features like continuous integration, deployment slots, and detailed logging for troubleshooting. Additionally, it provides a convenient way to view and manage files, access environment variables, and execute commands in the context of the application. The Source Control Manager is a valuable component in the Azure App Service ecosystem, streamlining deployment processes and enhancing the overall development and debugging experience.

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