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BA 14 – B2B Collaboration with Entra ID

Entra ID allows organizations to collaborate securely with users from different tenants or organizations by inviting them as guest users. This feature enables seamless collaboration between employees, partners, vendors, or contractors from different organizations while maintaining security and privacy standards.

When an Entra ID user invites a guest user from a different tenant, they initiate the process by providing the guest user’s email address. Entra ID then sends an invitation email to the guest user, prompting them to accept the invitation. Upon accepting the invitation, the guest user is prompted to sign in with their own organization’s credentials or create a new account if they don’t have one. Once authenticated, the guest user gains access to the resources shared by the inviting organization. The user type for these B2B collaboration users is typically set to “guest” and their user principal name contains the #EXT# identifier.


A common use-case for inviting guest users from different tenants is in project-based collaborations. For instance, a software development company working on a project with a client can invite client representatives as guest users to access project documentation, track progress, participate in discussions, and provide feedback. Similarly, educational institutions may invite guest lecturers or researchers from other institutions to access course materials, collaborate with students, or contribute to research projects. In both scenarios, Entra ID’s guest user feature facilitates secure and seamless collaboration while ensuring that sensitive organizational data remains protected.