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BA 11 – Azure Storage Account

Azure Storage Accounts serve as a fundamental component in Microsoft Azure, providing scalable, secure, and durable storage solutions for various data types. These accounts offer several types of storage services, each tailored to specific data storage requirements. One such service is Azure Blob Storage, designed to store large amounts of unstructured data such as documents, images, videos, and log files. Azure Table Storage, on the other hand, offers a NoSQL key-value store suitable for semi-structured data, while Azure Queue Storage provides reliable messaging between application components. Azure File Storage enables the creation of fully managed file shares accessible via the SMB protocol.

Example of Azure Storage Account with Containers Data Storage

To interact with Azure Storage Accounts and access their data, users must authenticate themselves through Entra ID or use a shared access signature (SAS) token. Authentication can be performed through various methods, including the Azure Portal, Azure CLI (az login), Azure PowerShell (Connect-AzAccount), programmatically using Azure SDKs, REST APIs or by using Azure Storage Explorer. Once authenticated, users can view, upload, download, and manage data within the storage account based on their assigned permissions.

However, potential attackers may exploit misconfigurations in Azure Storage Accounts to gain unauthorized access or manipulate data. One common misconfiguration is leaving storage accounts accessible to the public without proper authentication, allowing anonymous users to read, write, or delete data. Attackers may leverage tools like MicroBurst  or custom scripts to enumerate publicly accessible storage accounts and identify sensitive data. Additionally, weak or leaked access keys, shared access signatures, or improperly configured access control lists (ACLs) may provide attackers with unauthorized access to storage resources.

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